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Motivation & business growth will start your day off right!
5-22-18 6:15 pm
Everett area Professional Networking

• What we'll doBreakfast is provided and we all have an opportunity to speak about our business. Each meeting, 1 member is pre-scheduled to speak about their business more in depth. Come for business tips and motivation to make your business...

Lets meet for coffee! Note location change!
5-22-18 6:15 pm
Everett Professional Networking Meetup

Bring your biz cards, flyers, etc. and be prepared to do a "mini commercial" for your business! Must RSVP!

Meet at Matt's home in Everett
5-22-18 6:15 pm
Everett Open Men's Circle

From 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm we will meet in a guided "open circle" format, with each man having a opportunity to speak and listen. This is a men's peer support group... Easier to experience than describe, but most men who attend find it worthwhile...

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